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Sauna area on 140 square meters

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Gasthof zum Stern

Historical Gasthof with Wellness area in the Ötztal Valley in Tyrol

In keeping with the historical Gasthof, we decided to build a modern wellness and sauna area of around 140 square meters in the old farm building, the Hay Barn, which our grandfather built in the early 50s. We didn't want to simply demolish and level a piece of the "Stern´s history" to the ground. Thus, the outer shell of the Barn remained largely untouched - south facing, we designed both the Finnish sauna and our relaxation room with mirrored panorama windows for a great view of the spectacular mountains, in order to offer an unforgettable sauna experience.


Since our guests have to walk the 30 meters to the sauna we have created a changing room in the entrance area. From there you can access the bio-sauna, the infrared cabin or the classic Finnish sauna.


Infrared radiation helps with tension and chronic pain (back pain, sciatica, arthritis, joint problems, rheumatism, muscle pain, headaches), relieves ENT complaints (sinusitis, middle ear, sinusitis, infections, colds), improves lung functions (chronic respiratory diseases, bronchitis, asthma) and helps to improve the skin (acne, cellulite, neurodermatitis).

So enjoy the warmth, relax and enhance your health!

The Finnish Sauna

When the cold outside temperatures drops and causes the skin to wrinkle and the winter blues to set in the sauna is a "hot" tip for your body and soul.

"In the sauna your anger dissipates and your worries dries up" is a saying from Finland.

In our classic Finnish sauna, the circulatory system is confronted with temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius. This is how hot it can get in the sauna on the upper seating benchs. The skin heats up to 42 degrees. The body registers a temperature rise of about one degree and reports: "slight fever". This attracts and activates defence substances into the blood.

Studies have shown that the number of phagocytes that kill viruses and bacteria can double. To strengthen the immune system in the long term, however, you have to sweat regularly for at least six months.

BIO Sauna

The bio-sauna is a lighter or softer version of the Finnish sauna. It is ideal for beginners and for all those who cannot tolerate extreme heat but still do not want to miss out on the benefits of a sauna. Even if the temperature is significantly lower than in the Finnish sauna, you will still start sweating. The temperature in the bio-sauna ranges between 45 and 60 degrees and is generated by infrared radiation. In contrast to the Finnish sauna, there is a higher humidity in the sauna room of around 30 to 55%.

Get your body used to the heat with the bio-sauna, then cool down, relax and then continue with a Finish sauna!

Sauna Rules

Our sauna facility aims to offer you relaxation and health. Please understand that compliance with the following regulations is absolutely necessary to meet official requirements for safety, hygiene and above all for the well-being of our sauna guests.